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Capital Hill Residence

Price for our Models depends on such factors as model size, project complexity (materials for facade, architectural elements etc.), prototype purpose (marketing or draft).

Project by Zaha Hadid Architects

The form for the villa comes from the natural topography of the unique site. Adapting the fluid geometries described within the geology of the site and the organic forms of the forest’s vegetation, the building emerges from the landscape, remaining partially embedded in the hillside, in order to articulate the existing surroundings with the artificial landscape.

The programme of the villa is divided into two main components. The first, lower component (3 floors) is merged with the sloped landscape, while a separate volume floats, 22 meters above the ground to benefit from the panoramic views.

The two main components of the house are articulated by three ‘legs’. Between these columns are the vertical shafts required to place all mechanical elements and services connecting to the upper level where one can find the master bedrooms and a lounge with exterior terrace.

The project was exhibited in The Venice Biennale 2008.

Size: 1200900 mm
Scale 1:100


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